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ESA helps small to medium business owners grow through customer-centric mobile app optimization.  How does that work, you ask... Through digital rapport and convenience.  People gravitate toward and frequent what is quick, easy, and convenient, resulting in repeat business that is often referred to their friends.


At one time, a website presence seemed optional, now it's the norm.  Today mobile app optimization may seem optional, but it's actually the leader in marketing and sales domination. A couple of years back, U.S. shoppers spent $22 billion from their smart phones, per Statistical.


Adobe stats show that in 2015 U.S. shoppers spent a record of $1.5 billion from their smartphones on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day. Adobe stats also show that 57% of website browsing occurs through mobile devices.  You need to be in on this powerful mode of capital gain.


According to March 2016 issue of Nation's Restaurant News, Dominos Pizza recovered from a severe economic dive a few years ago thanks to mobile app optimization.  They had a great product with great value but were still on the threshold of bankruptcy. Solution? Dominos Pizza became current with mobile app technology that enabled their customer to be able to wade through multiple pizza combinations and place a mobile order from their phone within 17 seconds, on average for the light to turn green at a traffic signal. That is boss domination. We're here to help you stay ahead of the game and crush it in your industry.


Here at ESA, we help you steward your marketing with excellence, getting more bang for your buck.  Our mobile optimization platform will give you industry cutting edge dominance.  Marketing is our passion.  We thrive on your success.


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